There is going to be a new place to go grocery shopping in Richboro soon. reported that the Richboro Shopping Center will be the home of a new Giant supermarket. We learned that the location where the Giant will be used to be a Murray's Richboro Market as well as once was Shop N Bag.

No exact date on when the grocery store is set to open but it was mentioned on that it could possibly happen sometime late 2021. The President of Giant, Nicholas Bertram, told, “We are excited to bring Giant to Richboro and we are looking forward to the opportunity to serve this vibrant community." The Giant supermarket should begin construction sometime towards the end of this year(2020).

According to, this will be the very first Giant in the Richboro area. One of the best parts of having a new business is that it will be able to bring many more jobs to our communities, especially being such a big and well-known grocery store. It is a great opportunity for many people looking for jobs. mentioned that it can possibly bring over 100 jobs to the area.

For residents in Richboro, the closest Giant supermarkets are located in Newtown, Southampton, Feasterville, and Warminster. That is quite a drive if you ask us.

Now it is just a waiting game. Even though the second half of 2021 sounds extremely far away, we are sure time will go by fast and you will be able to shop at the Giant that will be located at the Richboro Shopping Center before you know it.

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