One of my favorite ice cream shops, Gil & Bert's in Cranbury, is now open for the season, and I can't wait to visit.

As soon as I saw the sign in the window a few weeks ago announcing April 1st as opening day, I started getting excited and set a reminder in my phone. I didn't need the reminder though. I've been counting down the days. Lol. I hear there's a new flavor this season...German Chocolate Cake. Yummm.

Cranbury is my hometown and I love heading to Main Street for some ice cream. Some of the ice cream flavors have local references like the Viking Vanilla and Mint on Main. My alma mater, Cranbury School, has a Viking as a mascot. I was a proud Viking from Kindergarten through 8th grade. Yes, there was one school for all of those's a small, quaint town.

Gil & Bert's has unique history (and the ice cream is really good). The shop is located on Main Street (next to the post office) in an old house. The house once belonged to my Kindergarten teacher, Mrs.Gilbert. Get it? Gil & Bert's. I just love this nod to a beloved Cranbury family. You're getting your ice cream right out of the Gilbert's living room window. Lol. I'm not kidding. I love telling people that story while I'm waiting in line to get my ice cream.

If you've never been, stop by, you'll quickly see the charm of my hometown. It's still very much the same as when I grew up. Take a stroll down Main Street and you'll see why I love it so much. It will always be home.

Gil & Bert's is located at 69 North Main Street in Cranbury.

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