According to, the New Jersey Turnpike Authority just announced that toll fees on the New Jersey Turnpike and Garden State Parkway will NOT increase in 2020.

On the surface, that appears to be good news for New Jersey drivers, although the reason that tolls aren't going up may not be bad news. says that the NJ Turnpike Authority is predicting that increased traffic will allow them to hit their budget goals.

In fact, traffic is up 2.6% on the Garden State Parkway and up 2% on the NJ Turnpike this year, according to officials.

Currently, the maximum toll for a passenger car on the turnpike is $13.85 and the cash toll from Exit 7A (I-196 Trenton, Hamilton) to Exit 16E (NJ3, Lincoln Tunnel, Secaucus) is $8.05.

Meanwhile, the maximum toll for a passenger car on the Garden State Parkway is $8.25.

It's not all good news, of course. Crossing into New York City will get more expensive. Earlier this year, reported that the Port Authority would be increasing tolls by $1 at bridges and tunnels around New York City.

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