This ongoing election has had people’s nerves at an all-time high. On Tuesday night especially, people started to search for ways to calm their nerves. According to Google trends, Americans turned to stress eating and drinking to help calm their nerves.

One of the most popular ways people were looking to drown their stress in was food. About an hour after the first polls closed, and the anxiety started to set in, Google trends released the top five most popular “near me” searches in the United States. The number one search was "Pizza near me." According to Google Trends number two was Chinese food , followed by Liquor stores. While it may not be food, it’s definitely a necessity for getting through this 2020 election. Next was Sushi, and number five was Mexican food near me. At least everyone was eating good and supporting their local small businesses.

According to Google trends the two searches for “fries near me” and “liquor stores near me” were at an all-time high. “Fries near me” peaked the most around 6:44 pm and spiking up again at 1:24 am. Related to this search was the hunt for cheese fries. If you’re thinking about fries, why not go the extra mile and get your delicious fries covered in warm cheese. According to Google trends, again earlier today "liquor stores near me" peaked around 5:30 pm as people were preparing for the long night to come. The search then went up again around 7 pm.

It’ll be interesting to see what people continue to turn to for to comfort their nerves as we wait for the final results.


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