Many New Jerseyans are excited about the fact that Gov. Murphy legalized adult-use cannabis on Tuesday during Election Night. With this new law being implemented soon, I’m sure all of us are wondering about the elephant in the room—will Murphy indulge in the activity of consuming marijuana? said that Gov. Murphy has been pushing for the legalization of adult-use cannabis since 2017 with the promises that it would bring new jobs to the state and also cut down marijuana arrests that mostly affect people of color. “This is going to go a long way to addressing social injustice,” Murphy said.

Even though the governor has advocated for this new law for years, Murphy told the reporter on 1010 WINS that smoking has never been his thing. “I don’t have a burning appetite to do it. But the social justice piece of this brought me to the table.”

In 2018 Murphy gave similar answers during a news conference when asked if he would ever consume marijuana, reported by Even though he did not give a direct answer, he said, “I said to somebody: If this were legalization of Scotch or Irish whiskey, I would not need any advice. I’d know exactly what to do. I’ve never been a marijuana guy — this is for social justice.”

Even though Murphy’s main purpose of legalizing adult-use cannabis is to stop marijuana arrests, they will not happen right away because he needs to issue a directive regarding changes.

Overall, with all of Murphy’s advocation for cannabis it makes me wonder if he is just saying to legalize weed for social change, or there are other things going on behind his closed doors. Only time will tell!


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