There always has been a long winded debate regarding if Central New Jersey really existed and as per Governor Phil Murphy it now does in writing.

Thank goodness.

Yes, we can finally put our minds at ease.

Of course, we do have Gov Phil Murphy to thank for making it clear as day where the Central Jersey territory begins and ends ... with an exception of a few 'central debatable' areas.

So according to Gov Murphy's social media posts, Central new Jersey is made up of the following counties defined by NJ state law  ...

• Hunterdon
• Mercer
• Middlesex
• Monmouth
• Somerset
• Ocean*
• Union* *occasionally left out of statutory definitions, but mainly included within borders of Central Jersey

Well this seriously helps things.

Although, I'm pretty sure everyone who has always lived in Central Jersey was aware they lived in Central Jersey without it legally being in writing.


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