How do you define "Tradition"?

It's not a static thing, and it means something different to everyone. But when it comes to food and culinary experiences, tradition can be adjusted and built upon, but at its heart it mostly stays the same. As long as it keeps everyone together.

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Reader's Digest, one of most trusted national American lifestyle magazines, delved into the spirit of traditional cuisine in their list of The Best Traditional Restaurant in Every State. Some restaurants in the list are casual, laid back gems with little fuss, yet extraordinary food. While other picks are more upscale spots where you're more likely to dine-in with wine and filet mignon. That's the beauty of tradition - it doesn't look any one certain way.

So what's the most traditional restaurant in New Jersey? It's so iconic in South Jersey, that it barely needs any introduction.

Knife & Fork Inn - Atlantic City NJ

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The most traditional restaurant in New Jersey, according to Reader's Digest, is the historical Knife & Fork Inn, located at 3600 Atlantic Ave in Atlantic City. Built in 1912, this a landmark in South Jersey. Seeing as though it's over 100 years old, it's pretty much the epitome of tradition.

Here's what Reader's Digest had to say about this place:

"You can’t talk old-school Atlantic City without talking about gentlemen’s clubs of years gone by. Knife & Fork Inn was established in 1912 by then–Atlantic City mayor William Riddle, Commodore Louis Kuehnle, and their cronies as an exclusive men’s drinking and dining club with a special “ladies lounge” located upstairs...The main dining room warmly invites guests (yes, women as well) to a feast of sustainable surf and turf surrounded by decor that evokes yesteryear."

Even after over 100 years, the restaurant is still relevant and the food is still phenomenal. Fun fact: it was one of Anthony Bourdain's favorite spots in New Jersey.

As far as their menu goes, think traditional upscale American dishes. Raw Oysters on The Half Shell, Shrimp Cocktail, Filet Mignon, Herb-Crusted Lamb Chops, Braised Short Rib, and Whole Lobster. Pair it with your favorite Sauvignon Blanc or Bordeaux. Exquisite!

Do you agree? What are your thoughts on Knife & Fork? Let us know in the comments!


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