Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf announced on Saturday that an increased effort for social distancing will go into effect in Bucks County on Sunday. The governor's office is now urging non-essential retail facilities across Bucks County to close.

It's important to emphasize that essential services (including grocery retailers) will still be open during this time. Travel is also not restricted in Bucks County at this time. 

A similar procedure was already put into effect for both Montgomery and Delaware Counties in the state. The hope is that social distancing will prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

The exact nature of these measures is not clear. However, as we've seen in Montgomery County (where the same order was issued) the state has stopped short of forcing those businesses to close. The closing of these businesses is a voluntary process, the governor said during a Saturday press conference.

The measure for Montgomery County went into effect on Friday, and we saw business continuing as normal at many gyms and shopping centers in the county.

The governor's office says that essential services (police, fire, emergency medical services, etc.) will be available during this time. Plus, supermarkets, pharmacies and gas stations will be open.

Non-essential businesses are being urged to consider the well-being of their customers, staff and the community when they are making decisions if they'll close.

All public schools in the state of Pennsylvania are closed, by the order of the governor's office, for at least two weeks. Additionally, the governor's office is discouraging any gathering of more than 250 people at this time.

The latest information is available on the state's health department website as well. 

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