Work is the one place you can be free of your significant other. But now, due to the current global crisis, we call the coronavirus, you and your partner are forced to quarantine together with no escape for weeks to come. .In order to keep your relationship above water, it may be a good idea to set some boundaries to prevent future arguments. Here are some essential ground rules you and your partner should establish as you both work from home according to Tribune Content Agency.
For one, be sure to establish your own zones where you and your partner can work privately and are not to be disturbed.  Also, have commons space zones such as the bathroom or kitchen so if one of you is hungry, they can go to the kitchen to grab some food and not disturb the other. Also, even though you and your partner may be at home, try not to bring work issues to the dinner table. Create work and home life boundaries by venting to work friends instead.
Lastly, be sure to come up with a plan in case the unexpected happens. For example, if your child turns up sick, make a schedule. These rules should help as long as it is enforced by both you and your partner.



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