Once again this year, there will be a special Halloween themed Happy Hour at Mercer County Boathouse on Thursday, October 24th from 6-9pm, according to their website. Get your costume ready! 

If you're one of the bazillion people that have been to a Happy Hour at the Mercer County Boathouse, you'll love this too. It's called the Halloween Witching Hour, instead of Happy Hour. Cute, huh? Just like over the summer, there will be live music by the band, Tour de force, food and drinks, but, this time there's also going to be a costume contest. You could win a prize in a bunch of different categories.

Text your friends the date. This is going to be a good time. But, you may be disappointed if you and your besties were planning on being the Golden Girls. In The Scoop this morning, I told you Target was already sold out of these very popular costumes this year.




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