Snow days are the best, especially when you don't have to go to school or work.

I remember when I was a kid having my ears glued to the radio (PST believe it or not), listening for my school to called on the "closed" list. What a feeling when you heard it.

After rolling over and sleeping in a little bit, having breakfast, and watching Price is Right, it was time for sledding. Our parents would load as many kids in the car as they could and we'd head to the nearest mountain.

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I grew up in Cranbury, NJ and there was an amazing hill in Thompson Park, which was in a neighboring town, Jamesburg. It's made the list. Keep reading.

The sledding was great, although the walk back up the hill each time wasn't the greatest. Ha ha.

After sledding, we'd go to a nearby pizza place, enjoy some slices, and talk about the day's runs.

Sledding with friends and family are some of the best memories I have as a kid.

I took to Facebook and asked 94.5 PST listeners where the best sledding mountains are in the area, and they came through.

So, resist that urge to sit on the couch and scroll on your phone all day, grab your snow pants, boots, gloves, and sled, and go have some fun.

These favorite sledding spots are all over the Central Jersey area, and I threw in a bonus spot in Bucks County, PA that a friend told me about.

Pick one near you below and go have a blast.

Best Places To Go Sledding in Central Jersey

Do you have a snow day? These are the best places to do some sledding according to 94.5 PST listeners. Don't forget to bring some hot chocolate in a thermos to keep warm.

Gallery Credit: Chris Rollins

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