New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy announced on Monday that Halloween is "on" in New Jersey, but the state issued the initial rules and guidelines amid the continuing coronavirus pandemic.

If you're planning on celebrating Halloween, Murphy has a stern warning for the state's residents, as COVID-19 cases climb once again in the state.

"You may wish to dress as a knucklehead, but we don't wish anyone to act like one," the governor said during Monday's daily coronavirus press conference.

Murphy also reminded residents to "wear a mask that covers the nose and mouth." Thinking your Halloween costume will be sufficient? Think again.

"A Jabbba the Hutt mask is not a substitute," he said.

Murphy issued the state's initial guidance for the upcoming holiday. The state's health department is expected to offer additional guidelines in the coming days.

The guidance says:

    • Candy should be arranged so it can be accessed , but can't be touched "multiple times."
    • Those distributing candy should have treats individually packaged so trick-or-treaters can "grab and go" with no shared bowl.
    • Trick-or-treaters and those distributing candy need to wear masks.
    • Groups should be limited to household members and groups should stay local.
    • Trick-or-treaters should limit the number of homes on their route.
    • Social distancing is required for groups who are not all from the same household.
    • Handing out candy is not recommended.
    • Those distributing candy should wash your hands repeatedly.
    • Commercially packaged and non-perishable treats are recommended.
    • Outdoor trunk-or-treat events can be held, but the number of cars should be limited for social distancing. Lines should be single-file and socially distanced.

The governor announced 522 new coronavirus cases and two deaths on Monday. The total number of COVID-19 cases in the state has risen to 208,713. There have been 14,351 confirmed deaths since the pandemic began.

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