We've heard of Drive-in movie theaters popping up in different areas in New Jersey and even one coming to the Yankees Stadium in the Bronx. But here’s a better question, have you heard of some drive-in concerts happening in our area?

According to NJ.com, drive-in concerts are coming to New Jersey this summer. The part that will make you say "eh, I don't care about those artists" is that it's not a big pop artist name that is doing the drive-in concert. The positive side to this is that it can possibly be the new trend. Maybe drive-in concerts you’ll be able to watch your favorite artist from your car in the future.

NJ.com mentioned that the two bands playing at the drive-in concert at Monmouth Park in Oceanport are Southside Johnny Lyon and The Asbury Jukes. One of the performers shared, “The Asbury Jukes and I are so excited that we can play this first of its kind live concert and help get New Jersey started on a quick and healthy return to normal."

Let's be real, just reading that some things are starting to open again is great news.

There are some interesting parts to this whole drive-in concert deal. NJ.com reported that all drive-in concertgoers have two different ways to listen to the artist perform. One is rolling down your window and enjoying the music like that. The other option is tunning in on an FM dial and getting the performance right into your car speakers. Doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose of getting that concert feel though?

The drive-in concert only allows 4 people per vehicle. Question, can we sneak someone in the trunk and have them come out once we are parked? (We are totally kidding. Don’t try this.)

Another thing that may make you not want to partake in a drive-in concert ... You CAN NOT tailgate and must remain in your vehicle at all times unless you have to go to the bathroom.

The whole drive-in concert sounds good if you want to continue to practice social distancing but we are sure a lot of people may think of it as a vibe kill.

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