Spooky season is upon us and Applebee's is bringing in the fall season with a bang. The restaurant just announced that two of their popular holiday drinks are returning to the menu. From now until October 31, you can get their Halloween themed cocktails for only 5 dollars.

Served in their famous "Mucho" glasses, the Tipsy Zombie and Dracula's Juice are sure to have you feeling right. These drinks might only be 5 dollars, but they might have you taking an Uber home at the end of the night. According to People Magazine, the Tipsy Zombie drink is a tropical blue drink that includes Bacardi Superior, a float of Midori, and is garnished with a gummy brain. As for the Dracula's Juice, it lives up to its name. The cocktail is a vibrant red margarita and daiquiri hybrid. The drink is mixed with Patron Tequila, Bacardi Superior, wild berry and margarita mix. Drink if you dare!

Since we are in the middle of a global pandemic and cocktails have been made to go as of recently, yes you can get both of these in to-go cups at select locations where the state allows it. Luckily in New Jersey and Pennsylvania to go cocktails are legal.

Applebee's is also offering another special this season. Tell a friend, because according to People Magazine, for only $1 extra, you can add a dozen double crunch shrimp to any steak order.



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