Unfortunately for New Jersey Trick-or-Treaters, the weather is not exactly looking up for the spooky holiday. According to NJ.com, even though the sun is supposed to be making an appearance, it will be a cold one. You might want to accessorize with not only a mask but a jacket as well. Especially after the cold, wet, dreary week we’ve been having so far.

In the morning, it might be hard to get out of bed as in northern New Jersey the highs will be in the 20s, while only ten degrees warmer in southern and central Jersey. According to NJ.com, the highs during the day will be in the 40-50s range. Warmer than the morning but will definitely need a jacket for that last-minute trip to the supermarket to buy candy. As the night goes on the weather is not going to get much warmer by staying in the low 40s and maybe even dropping down to the 30s. Yikes! So, if you are planning on trick or treating this year, you might want to add layers to your costume, or pick one that’ll keep you nice and warm. And don’t forget your mask.

According to NJ.com, New Jersey will continue to experience the leftovers of what was Tropical Strom Zeta for the next coming days. Which explains the weather we’ve had so far. Expect rain and more dampness for the next few days, and according to NJ.com, northern New Jersey could even experience some snow mixing into the rain on Friday.

All in all, it is definitely a different kind of Halloween this year, but we hope everyone enjoys the spooky day!

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