This pandemic just sucks and I honestly cannot wait until there's a day when things go back to somewhat normal. We've been in this pandemic for six months now, and I feel like every other day we hear that a big event we were looking forward to is canceled because of the risk of spreading Covid-19. Super annoying! People look forward to the holidays and I know people especially love celebrating Halloween. I am totally one of those people and I was completely looking forward to getting scared at some haunted houses this year, but many have decided to cancel their scare seasons this year.

One of the biggest scare attractions in the area, Six Flags Fright Fest has decided not to cancel completely, but instead reinvent their scare season into what they are calling Six Flags Hallowfest. There will still be thrills and chills, but in a way that everyone can be and feel safe in a time like this. In just three days (September 18th) Six Flags will begin to scare and haunt you with their brand new Hallowfest through November 1st.

Thrills by Day, which are usually events and activities for a younger generation, include a trick or treat trail, a hay bale maze and magic on the move just to name a few. There are even special areas for kids 12 and under.

Now the clock strikes 6pm and  when it gets dark, that's when the Chills at Night begin with scare zones, plenty of shows and haunted mazes too. This is definitely for older kids cuz let me tell you, I am even nervous reading about the Reflections of the Dead haunted maze.

There are plenty of ways to take advantage of Halloween fun. The park will be monitored as to make sure it doesn't get overcrowded and they will be following all state safety guidelines. For more info on Six Flags Hallowfest, click here. You can make park reservations here.

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