Halsey revealed she knows when she'll stop making music for good — and her answer makes so much sense.

The "Graveyard" singer, who's gearing up to release a new album and embark on a Manic World Tour next summer (you can get tickets here), got candid about the future of her career in a new interview with Elle Australia.

First, she discussed why "cancel culture" scares her so much.

“When I first started out, my team didn’t really understand cancel culture,” she explained. “There would be a bad response to something I said and I would be like, ‘This is it, I’m done.’ And everyone would be like, ‘Relax, you’re not going to lose your career over one thing you said on the internet.’ Now it’s like, ‘No, you actually f---ing can.’”

She then went on to discuss how much she loves making music, making it clear that's the only reason why she's a singer. “I believe very, very vehemently that I don’t need to do this if I don’t want to," she said. "I will stop the second I don’t enjoy it any more and have no qualms about that. I do this because I f**king love it, because I really couldn’t imagine doing anything else.”

Elsewhere in her cover story, Halsey opened up about an important conversation she once had with Taylor Swift about their role as women in the music industry.

“If I could make sense of everything that was going on in the world right now, I wouldn’t be a musician,” she shared with the magazine. “Taylor Swift and I were once talking about our positions as female in culture and she said, ‘We’re not gladiators, we’re musicians.’”

As previously reported, Halsey was one of the many celebrities who sided with the "Lover" singer amid her feud Scooter Braun and Scott Borchetta. The pop star publicly supported Swift following Big Machine's alleged refusal to let her use her old music at the 2019 AMAs and in an upcoming Netflix documentary.

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