The always crowded Chick fil A in Hamilton Marketplace has stopped its Curbside Pickup, according to a store employee. But, don't worry, it's just temporary, or at least that's what I was told today.

I made this discovery while ordering lunch earlier today. I've done it many times before, always the same way. I went on the Chick fil A app, picked my location, and it asked for my method of pickup (I always do Curbside Pickup). Today was different though. It didn't give me the option of Curbside Pickup. Instead, it said Curbside Pickup is temporarily closed, or something like that. What? I've never seen this message before. Thinking it was an error, I went ahead, put in my order, and it even let me put in the make and model of my car, so I really thought it was a mistake. But, it told me to proceed to the drive thru. Hmmm.

Off to Hamilton I went, and sure enough, the Curbside Pickup parking lot was empty. How could they close it? It was always packed with people and such and easy way to get your food...and you didn't have to wait in the long drive thru line.


There was an employee in the parking lot, directing traffic, so I put down my window and asked why it was closed. He said it was just closed temporarily because the curbside orders were "slowing down the inside." How is this possible? The line was so long, but, I jumped in it, and sailed through. My order on the app went through and they were on the lookout for my car.

Maybe it is more efficient without curbside pickup. We'll have to wait and see if this temporary change becomes permanent.


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