There is certainly a lot to feel down about in recent days. The spread of the coronavirus and closings of schools, businesses, parks and more have all contributed to some disheartening.

A Hamilton resident decided to change the way things were going by spreading some joy and positivity with a simple idea. Jennifer L. Murphy Mantle created the Chalk the Walk event not just for her town but for the entire state. She wanted to show her children that people can make a difference and also send positivity to her friends and family scattered throughout the state.

The end result included more than 7,000 participants in the #ChalktheWalk event, which shared positive messages and artwork on the street. Other events with similar agendas have sprouted around the state to combat the negative affect COVID-19 has had on morale. Some include Hudson County’s Rainbows Over Bayonne and Wisdom from your Windows on April 2.

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