Times have been tough for many people in many different ways. Unfortunately, a lot of people have been struggling with putting food on the table for their families. We found out from Tap Into that the Hamilton YMCA and Mercer Street Friends have teamed up to help those families in our communities that need a helping hand with food.

According to Tap Into, the Hamilton YMCA and Mercer Street Friends have created a drive-up food program that allows those families that are having a hard time financially to get a little helping hand with food. Families from our communities will be able to get free food at the YMCA's JFK Branch in Hamilton.

The drive-thru food drive to help the families in our communities is happening every other week starting in February. It will be on February 3rd and 17th and will continue in March on the 3rd, 17th, and 31st of the month.

It was mentioned on Tap Into that the food that was donated came from Mercer Street Friends but couldn't have been done without the help of others in the community that donated as well.

The drive-up food drive will be first come first served and while supply lasts each day that the event happens, according to Tap Into.

The exact location of the event is 1315 Whitehorse-Mercerville Road. Tap Into also stated that for those that attend the event it is recommended that you "enter the YMCA parking lot and turn left then drive left to the end." Everyone attending the event must stay inside their vehicle and wear a mask. COVID-19 guidelines are still being followed.

NOTE: 94.5 PST is not associated with this event in an official capacity. Please contact the event organizers directly for more details.

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