A lot of New Jersey drivers have really been at risk of getting a moving violation ticket without even knowing it. You’re probably asking, “Okay, where is this going?” Well you know that suction cup mount that you use to hold your smartphone…IT’S ILLEGAL!!!! At least in New Jersey and 19 other states it is. In the state of New Jersey you are not allowed to block your view while driving, if its not transparent it should not be mounted on your windshield. At least that’s what most state laws try to enforce.

Now your question may be, “I travel to NY and also to Pennsylvania, is it allowed there?” Quick answer for NY, it is NOT legal. In Pennsylvania, on the other hand, it is legal to have a suction cup mount for your smart phone…as long as it is not blocking the driver’s direct line of sight.

So if that’s illegal where do I mount my smart phone? Let us share with you a way around it. There are phone mounts that actually clip onto your car's air vents and will definitely keep you away from cellphone distractions and a citation.

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