How often do you trade in your smartphone? You probably feel like you do it way too often. Believe me, i feel the same way.

Even though it feels like every other weekend a new smartphone is being released that you want to get it, the average amount of time you keep the same phone is very close to 3 years. That's actually a surprising increase because in 2016 the average amount of time with the same smart phone was only a little over 2 years.

These so called “smart” phones aren't cheap either. Perhaps that is the reason why so many people are holding back a little longer on trading in for a new phone. Even though phones lose value extremely quick, is it really necessary to upgrade so often?

In a way, it kind of is good to upgrade. You don't want to fall behind on technology. Plus, do you really want to get $20 trade in value on your old phone?

Then again do you really want to start all these new payment installments for 24 months? UGH!! Why does technology life have to be so difficult?!

Over 600 million dollars were returned to all the people that traded in their old smartphone and upgraded. That's definitely a positive side on this whole upgrading deal. You don't want to miss out just because you're being cheap.

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