Hopefully you've never been driving in conditions like this, but many of us have.

A heavy snowstorm or a torrential rain. Thick rain and/or snow limiting your vision, sweeping winds threatening to knock you into another car, windshield wipers whipping back and forth. And meanwhile you're gripping your steering wheel, tapping your brakes over and over again in a terrible stop-and-go rhythm as you cautiously navigate the roads.

Blizzard on the road.
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In an attempt to help yourself get to your destination more safely, and to let other drivers know "Hey, I'm right here! Make sure you can see me! I'm driving slowly! Don't get too close!" - You turn on your hazard lights.

What are hazard lights for?

Car emergency lights button on cockpit, dashboard.
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Hazard lights are a universal sign for trouble or hazards on the road. In many cases, they're meant to warn other drivers that your vehicle is disabled or not functioning properly. Usually a car will be pulled over with the hazards on. But what about when you're driving?

Is it illegal to turn on your hazard lights while driving in New Jersey?

Believe it or not, it is illegal in some states to have hazards lights on while driving. But in most states, it's allowed, with varying conditions.

If you're in New Jersey, the answer is it's legal. But should you?

Broken Down
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Some people may say it only adds more confusion since it's already required by law to have your full lights on while driving in severe weather. It can become unclear to know if a car is stopped or moving, since cars are usually pulled over when the hazards are on.

Personally, I have turned them on while driving in the worst storm I'd ever driven in. I was on I-95 SB in Philly during a horrible rain storm last August. The torrential rain made it near impossible for me to see more than 20 yards away from my car.


Then I started to notice most of the other cars started to turn their hazards on while continuing to move slowly. In my case, I preferred it this way. It was everyone's way of saying "We're driving way below the speed limit in an abundance of caution." I turned mine on too, and finally (slowly) made it home.

What do you think? Should drivers use their hazards while driving?


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