Over the next few weeks, college freshman will be heading off to school and they'll all probably have sheets, a laundry bag, and other dorm room essentials, but what about the non-essentials.

I found a list of "24 unexpected things we wish someone had told us to bring to college" on BusinessInsider.com...and it's pretty helpful.  For example, how about a laptop lock?  That way, you can leave your dorm room door open, but not have to worry that your laptop will get snatched.

Another good one is party-themed clothes.  There's nothing worse than searching last minute for a shirt to wear to a Hawaiian Luau Party or cowboy boots and a hat for a Wild West Party.

And have you thought about packing some earplugs?  Yes...a pair of noise-cancelling headphones are a good idea, but sometimes, you just need a pair of good old-fashioned earplugs to block out unwanted noise.

For more ideas, click here.


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