Eating healthier doesn't mean eating less tastier!

If you're exploring the idea venturing into vegan/vegetarianism with the mindset that you're restricting yourself, or compromising flavor for health, you're thinking of it the wrong way. Whether you're thinking of doing it temporarily or making it a  permanent lifestyle change, it's a yummy adventure!

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A few years ago, I went vegan for two months, and though it was a bit of a challenge knowing which foods to avoid and getting past those meaty cravings at first, I had SO many delicious things to eat. For me, I found that I didn't feel so sluggish, and was surprised to find that I was getting less frequent headaches! It's totally something I would do again!

Here are just a few scientific benefits of adopting a plant-based diet, according to

  • May lower your blood pressure
  • May help you lose weight
  • May decrease your risk of cancer
  • Improve your cholesterol
  • May minimize your risk of stroke
  • May help you live longer

So if you want to dip your toe into veganism/vegetarianism, allow these restaurants to show you how delicious it can be going plant-based. just compiled a list of "New Jersey’s 23 best vegan and vegetarian restaurants," and of those 23, here are 6 in Central Jersey that are definitely worth visiting!

Don't worry - this is way more than kale and lettuce! Get ready for cake, burgers, empanadas, wraps, and more!

Here Are 6 Of The BEST Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurants in Central Jersey

No flavor is compromised here! Stop by one of these amazing Vegan/Vegetarian restaurants in Central NJ!

Think you'd like to try these places? If you've already been - give us your verdict!


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