New Years Eve is just a few days away. Usually we would all be celebrating together in packed clubs and bars, but given the state our world is in due to COVID-19 things are going to look a lot different this year. Indoor dining is closed until January 4th, and New Jersey restaurants are under a strict curfew. So instead of ringing in the new year at a local bar, most of us will be drinking and celebrating on our couches. Zippa put together a survey to determine what each state will be sipping on as the clock strikes midnight. Here are the most popular drinks around the country not including beer.

Its no surprise that Champagne is the drink of choice for most states in America. According to Zippa, 21 states say champagne is there favorite drink to ring in the new year with. Frozen daiquiris are the top drink in five states including Maine, Mississippi, Rhode Island, Alabama, and Indiana. According to Zippa, Vodka-cranberry is #1 in Iowa, Nebraska, and Oklahoma.  Lemon drops are number one in Arkansas and North Dakota.  And palomas are first in Idaho and Oregon.

As for both the Garden State and the City of Brotherly love, both chose champagne as there drink of choice on New Years. You already know, we are always on that classy wave.


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