I just had the first TRULY “blind date” of my life, and I STILL don't know what my date looks like.

When you’re dating in the 2000s, it’s rare that you meet a suitor without knowing ANYTHING about them, right?

So here's what happened:

Well, I just had the first blind date experience of my life, and it was actually kind of fun. I was matched on a Tuesday night with a random 26-year-old guy and the only thing I knew about him was his name.

Which is CRAZY…

Typically, I’m the kind of person who walks into a first date having known his full life story. You could say that I’m a GOOD researcher, and to be honest, I’m KIND of proud of it.

So like before we even order a glass of wine, I already know that he was on the Dean’s List in college, that his Aunt Mary recently turned 90, and yes, I even know that he won a prize in elementary for designing an anti-smoking poster.

So like… not much is left to my imagination on a typical first date. So when I “met” Joey last week and I didn’t know ANYTHING about him, I couldn't help but wonder... was I going to be like Carrie on 'Sex and the City'?

I should back up for a second and clarify that I did NOT meet Joey in person. This is quarantine after all. 

Shortly into quarantine, I got dumped. I socially distanced with a boyfriend about 3 months into a new relationship, and that ended abruptly. I get it. "Quarantining together" TOTALLY made sense for a relationship that was just in its infancy stages, right?

So my co-dependent self perked up when I read about a site called “Quarantine Together.” T

he site was born in March as quarantine began for many of us. The creators say it's simple. You register with very basic details (it asked my name and zip code really). And if you've washed your hands it'll match you with a date that night.

When you’re matched all you're told is the name of your match. That's it. You text for a few minutes (via an anonymous number) and then you’re invited to continue the chat via an audio or video call.

I registered in March and the site’s waiting list is quite long. So honestly I had forgotten about it.

To my surprise, I recently got a text message asking me if I had washed my hands and if I wanted to chat with a match. I replied yes.

Text 1

Moments later I knew I was matched “Joey,” and that was ALL I KNEW ABOUT HIM.

Text 2

As they say on the website, QuarantineTogether is for users who wish to meet people through conversations NOT those who wish to see people's photos before they have a conversation with them. Here's a Buzzfeed video showing the matching process, by the way.

Joey and I chatted about what we had been watching on TV during quarantine, our jobs, me turning 30, and then the site reminded us that our chat would expire soon. It prompted us with a link to “hop on an audio call,” but I was too shy to press the button (or to ask him to hop on a call).

What if Joey rejected me?! What if he didn’t like me based on the conversation? I couldn’t handle that in my emotionally quarantined fragile state.

Text 3 (1)

So we kept chatting, and I hoped Joey would ask to use QT’s audio option.

But, alas, he didn't. Maybe he was just as shy as I was? Was I a bad conversationalist?

And so... just like that… the conversation timer expired. My texts weren’t going through anymore. Joey was gone.

I found an option on the site that lets me request a rematch with Joey so I'll consider trying that when I have the courage.

But in the meantime, I'm hopeful that I'll get another match soon. It was a FUN way to pass the time during the loneliness of quarantine without using Hinge or Grindr. Both of those apps have a weird vibe now that we're into week 10 of quarantine.

If I don't get matched again, maybe I'll just ask Chris to set me up on a Chris & The Crew Blind Date after quarantine? You know she'd love to do that.

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