Dealing with a breakup is never easy. Whether you decided to end the relationship or your partner decided to make the move, breakups can take a major toll on our physical and mental health. The thought of not having your significant other in your life to ghosting them can be quite daunting. Trying to get everyday tasks done can be very challenging. If its been a few months or coming off a year or more,  here are some ways to cope with the breakup.

  • 5PH // Shutterstock
    5PH // Shutterstock

    You Time

    Right after the breakup, you've taken the steps to block  your ex from all forms of social media. You know feel like your world has ended. Instead of focusing on the good times  you've had together, focus primarily on yourself. Listen to you're favorite band or podcast, go for walks or the gym or just watch movies or television that'll make you feel better.

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    HBO Max

    Go Out With Friends

    You may just want to shelter in place until your emotions have subsided. However, if your friends want you to come out with them, take them up on that offer. Getting out of the house will help you with your mental health and with your friends there with you, a great support system.

  • Russ Ensley
    Russ Ensley

    Take Up A New Interest Or Hobby

    With more freedom at your fingertips, you now have a chance to take up on a interest you've always wanted to test out. Want to learn to cook? Play an instrument? Start a new show ? It's all up to you.

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