You may not have been following the drama around baseball player Bryce Harper's quest for the biggest contract in all of baseball. We get it. We didn't really care either.

Then we started looking at pictures of this hunk, and now we are so excited that he's coming to Philadelphia. Suddenly, we can't wait until opening day.

The Phillies just reached a deal with the 26-year-old outfielder for 13-years. The contract is the largest ever signed in baseball history at $330 million.

Not excited by this news? Well, these ten photos will surely have you planning your girls trip to Citizen's Bank Park this season. In fact, Bryce is so hot that you may want to leave your boyfriend at home.

Plus, we found this photo. And... suddenly... we can't wait to see him round the bases this year with that... cute... tush.

The Phillies open their season a month from today (March 28) at home. Bryce will surely be there.

By the way, he'll be in Philadelphia until 2031. So we have plenty of time to drool over this hometown hero.

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