It's that time of year! When Freeform releases their 13 Nights of Halloween schedule and we watch scary movies while drinking pumpkin beer! On September 28th, they released the schedule for this year and surprised us all by saying they're giving us 31 Nights of Halloween this year! Pretty sure everyone loved the news!

Being that there are 31 Nights of Halloween this year, we all knew that our favorite Halloween movie, Hocus Pocus, would be playing a ton! Hocus Pocus is also celebrating it's 25th Anniversary! It's definitely my favorite Halloween movie, and confession, and I have already watched it once this month!

My Hubby isn't the biggest fan, buit he does know that when October comes, we're watching it! So when I saw that there was a drinking game attached to it, I thought this would be perfect to get him to watch it more with me! But let me tell you, I'm not into taking shots, plus, I'm a lightweight, so maybe we'll do sips.

Here it is!
Take a shot every time:
Winifred calls for her "Boooooook"
The book opens its eye
Mary smells a child
Sarah says something stupid
Dani cries or whines about something
Billy Butcherson (the zombie) loses a limb
Everytime Thackary Binx dies
A salt circle is made
Any of the sisters get called ugly or old
Anytime anyone says the word “virgin”
Bonus: If you aren’t a virgin, take an extra shot!

If you can't remember all that, Pinterest has a cute little graphic of the game that you can screen shot on your phone. Just click here!

Have fun with it! After all, it's just a bunch of Hocus Pocus!

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