The news of Demi Lovato's overdose was shocking and very sad. I have been a Demi fan for years, and it's devastating to see her go through of all her struggles. I know some other fans are heartbroken because they were looking forward to seeing her live in Atlantic City tomorrow.

Just this morning, I was talking to my friend who actually won V.I.P. tickets and a meet and greet for tomorrow's show, and she told me that show will go on without Demi. She also told me that they are looking for another headliner to take her place, but as of now, the tickets are still good to see Lauv live. I was reading on Press of Atlantic City on what you can do with you Demi A.C. tickets. They said you could get refund or you can use them for this Sunday's concert to see The Chainsmokers live on the beach at Atlantic City.

I believe in Demi and I know her fans will always be there for her. She has made it through before and I'm hoping she will do it again. Now it's time for her to rest and take care of herself.

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