Holland Ridge Tulip Farm in Cream Ridge, New Jersey is getting ready to open in just a few short weeks, according to the farm's official website. This news just put a huge smile on my face. Keep reading, because there are a bunch of things you need to know before heading there.

The highly anticipated opening will be sometime in early April, keep checking here for the exact date. Unlike last year, when you had to stay in your car for a glimpse at the tulips, this year, you will be able walk through the fields again and see millions of tulips. Yippee. There's nothing like it. Pure joy.

You will need to buy tickets online before your visit. The farm is following all the COVID rules put out by the CDC, therefore, they need to limit the crowds of people. Everyone coming to the farm will need a ticket, no matter how old you are. If you're bringing a photographer, he/she will need a ticket as well. You will get to choose the date you visit the farm. Tickets will be non-refundable, so choose the date carefully. You can click here to buy your tickets, once they become available.

You will need to wear a mask while entering the farm and when it's not possible to be six feet away from others. All staff are required to wear a mask at all times for your safety. There will also be hand sanitizers scattered about the farm.

You can create your own tulip bouquets for $1 a stem. That was my favorite part last time I visited the farm. I had a bouquet in every room of my house, I think. Lol.

Please leave your furry friends at home...no pets will be allowed at the farm. No drones either.

I. Can't. Wait. Even though you couldn't get out of your car last year, it still made me so happy to take a drive there...all the colors were fabulous. I bought lots of tulip bouquets to deliver to family and friends...it was such a fun surprise for them and made them all very happy, when were were all just getting used to lockdown. The picture above is from just one of my many visits last year. I'm so excited to go again this year. I may spend all day there, just wandering around, making bouquets. Lol.

For more information click here.

Holland Ridge Farms is located at 86 Rues Road, Cream Ridge.

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