For a lot of us, summertime means road trips.  Whether it's a day trip down the shore or a longer trip to other destinations across America, we all know that the price of gas can really eat into your budget.

A few weeks ago, a friend told me to check out  It's a website that tracks gas prices in different cities and states.  The site got me wondering, how do gas prices in New Jersey and Pennsylvania compare to the rest of the country.  Here's what I found out...

According to, the national average price for a gallon of gas over the last month was $2.87.  The average price in New Jersey was $2,89 and the average price in Pennsylvania was $2.90.  Interesting that NJ is cheaper than PA even though someone pumps your gas for you in the Garden State.

By the way, avoid filling up in Philly, because the average price in the city was $3.07.

On the GasBuddy website, you can also search for the best gas prices based on zip code or town.  For example, today in the Hamilton, NJ area, the best price for a gallon of gas was $2.69 at the 7-Eleven in Mercerville.  Meanwhile, I couldn't find a price lower than $3.05 across the bridge in the Levittown, Fairless Hills, Langhorne area.

All of the prices mentioned above are based on regular unleaded.  To play around with the site yourself, click here.



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