Social distancing policies have certainly put a damper on many interactions including those that take part in online and app dating. Online daters have expressed certain concerns amid the Coronavirus crisis, some more obvious than others.

One Tinder user shared on her account that she doesn’t want boys to use the coronavirus as a conversation opener and that it’s getting old.  She even had a suitor use the awfully hand-crafted pick-up line "Have you got coronavirus? Because I can't stop looking achoo!"

But it has to be hard to not mention the international crisis when trying to spark a conversation.  According to Cnet, on OkCupid, there has been a reported 188% increase in coronavirus mentions between just January and February. 

It’s not just conversation that has daters worried – social distancing has made many people wary about the types of contact that comes with dating.  From holding hands to a hug, many online daters are opting not to risk it.

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