We are all finding ways to spend our home time during this coronavirus outbreak and so are some Jersey Shore celebrities.

US Weekly has spotlighted a bunch of celebrities and the family moments they are sharing, including some of the things Jersey Shore celebs have been doing and sharing...

Deena Cortese...family time with adorable son CJ, who enjoys some open space to play with rocks and leaves.

Jennifer JWoww Farley...the Jersey Shore star is spending some bike riding time with her daughter Meilani.

Nicole Snooki Polizzi “Told my kids to call me Mrs.LaValle, since I’ll be their teacher for the next few weeks,” Nicole says. her kids have to raise their hands before going to the bathroom.

You can see what more celebrities are sharing at US Weekly. It's comforting to see that we all, celebrities and non-celebrities are going through similar stuff. Stay safe everyone, and thanks to everyone for sharing. It's just the distraction we need once in a while.

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