The time is almost here, when a lot of college students have to move back to campus. With that comes dealing with homesickness, which is not easy. It’s not only with college that people deal with this. In fact, if you have to move away for work it is actually tougher because you are starting a completely new life.

We came up with some tips to help you transition into your new place while still appreciating where you come from, and of course to not get so homesick.

Facetime - Hearing and seeing a close friend or family member can put you into better spirits. Try to sty connected with your loved ones whenever you can; on your way to and from work, in-between classes, or even when you’re cooking dinner.

Hanging pictures - Decorate your dorm or apartment with pictures of places in your hometown or people you love. Not only will the pictures add some life into your space, it’ll feel like your friends are with you.

Find a hometown delicacy away from home - Home cooked meals that reminds you of being back home. If you don’t have a kitchen available, look up places by you that might have food to get rid of your homesickness.

Purchase a homesick candle - Now this is an interesting one. The nostalgic company has candles ranging in scents from states to countries. Each candle has different notes of all the scents that make up your city or state. The candle is not only nice to look at but it definitely can help you feel right at home.

Surround yourself with people - Whether its going out with friends or just doing work at Starbucks,putting yourself out there can help keep your mind off of home. Although you miss your friends and family remember that you have so much opportunity where you are now to have fun and create new memories.

Believe me I know what it is like being over 2,000 miles away from all your family, you need some help to get rid of that homesick feeling.

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