Social distancing has made it difficult if not impossible to spend time with friends and distant relatives but those who were already in a long-distance relationship are certainly feeling the brunt of relationship pressures during this time.

With travel plans canceled and no end in sight to look forward to, couples separated by space are going to need to get a little creative to keep the spark going. It’s hard enough going through the stresses that the COVID-19 outbreak has brought but even harder if loved ones are trapped miles away in another city.

  • Go old school and make a playlist inspired by the relationship – your favorite song, what was playing when you first kissed and so on.
  • Plan to make the same meal, video chat while preparing it and eat together over the internet.
  • By using the Chrome browser extension, Netflix Party, you can simultaneously watch a show or movie together and talk about it.
  • Set a date to go to a museum – virtually.  Many museums are offering free virtual tours, including The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Louvre and the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery.
  • In order to keep spirits high, plan a trip together for when the whole coronavirus thing has settled.

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