Traditions and family are everything to me. When I was growing up, almost every Sunday, we visited either my Grandma and Pop-Pop or another Italian relative, where we would eat macaroni, gravy and meatballs. It was the greatest, especially because most of those relatives are no longer with us. Once I moved out on my own, I loved taking those traditions with me. One of my favorite things to do on a Sunday is make homemade pasta sauce. My family calls it gravy, and yes I know that's one of those things people always debate, so I say I make Sunday gravy. It's not hard, but it does take a few hours to make. If you've always wanted to make it on your own, I want to share the recipe with you for you to make anytime, not just today.


Ingredients for Homemade Italian Gravy

Once you have all your ingredients, it's time to make the gravy!


How to Make Italian Gravy

Mangiare & Godere! 

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