With news of the COVID-19 crisis waiting at every corner Americans have been taking to an older remedy to help soothe the stress that has come along with the global pandemic. Humor has taken over social media as silly memes, laughable posts and Instagram Live concerts are being circulated by everyone stuck at home in isolation.

The mental health of those stuck at home, some without others to keep them company, is a concern that is readily addressed by late-night hosts broadcasting from their homes and other comical relief provided by familiar faces in comedy. Even medical experts agree that a little laughter can be a crucial ingredient to surviving the situation at hand.

According to Reuters, stress hormones can be decreased by humor, which is very important since heightened stress levels can lead to a weakened immune system. It is in these times of tragedy that comedy can work as a healing mental armor of sorts. Making the unmanageable manageable with laughter, smiles and uplifting sentiments.

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