The number of airline employees that have tested positive for COVID-19 is out of this world. According to, about 700 flight attendants have tested positive; 100 employees from American Airline and 600 from Southwest.

It is unfortunate to say that those numbers may continue to go up according to

Senior reporter for, Jason Whitely, recently tweeted out some unfortunate news of 2 flight attendants from AA dying because of the coronavirus.

We learned from that TWU Local 556 decided to make the coronavirus test results public to be able to give the Southwest Airlines’ employees an opportunity to make a decision if they would like to continue working. also stated that the president of TWU 556 has made it clear that he is concerned for the safety of the flight attendants.

A lot of adjustments have been made to be able to help keep the flight attendants safe while also continuing to practice social distancing.

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