It's no secret that cities are not usually extremely clean. It's really hard to keep areas extremely clean when they're extremely overly populated plus the heart for hustle and bustle.

Anytime you visit a major city, you probably aren't shocked to see gum smashed into the concrete, garbage blowing in the wind, and maybe even other junk lying around the streets.

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While there are a ton of cities that have everything down to a science, there are plenty of cities across the United States that are not always the cleanest. According to Lawn Starter, 6 different cities across the state of Pennsylvania have made the list of 2024's dirtiest cities in America.

To be fair, there are a lot of cities on this list and only a few are towards the top. 303 different cities have found their way onto the list of the dirtiest in the entire country and every Pennsylvania city that has made the list has landed somewhere within the top 200. Do you think you can guess which well-known cities in Pennsylvania are sitting on this list? Find out here:

Pennsylvania Cities That Are Considered Some Of The Dirtiest in America in 2024

3. Reading, PA

30. Erie, PA

54. Allentown, PA

84. Pittsburgh, PA

102. Philadelphia, PA

192. Scranton, PA

These "dirty" cities are spread out all over the state. Pennsylvanians need to work on this issue and make sure we can get the number of cities from PA down by 2025! For more information plus the full list of America's dirtiest cities, you can check out it here. 

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