Summertime is coming quickly and I know a lot of you are already planning to head down the shore sometime soon.

Once the warm weather kicks off, it’s my cue to hit the beach and some and the iconic Jersey Shore boardwalks. My favorite part of the beach is always the ice cream and our own state has so many ice cream shops to check out once you’re down there.

Whether you’re planning your weekend trip to Point Pleasant, NJ, or Wildwood, NJ, you won’t be disappointed when looking for a place to grab you and whoever you’re with a huge cone for dessert.

If you’ve been down the shore before, you probably already know how overwhelming it can be when you’re trying to stop for dessert.

No matter if you’re in Seaside Heights, NJ, or even all the way down in Atlantic City, NJ, there is an overabundance of ice cream shops that are all iconic to the area.

Every time I go I find myself going to the same shops over and over and while the places I go to are always a hit, this summer I want to expand my ice cream horizons a little.

I did some research and looked up some of the most iconic and popular shops that you need to check out during the summer months.

This list has shops that are all over the coastline, so no matter if you’re from north, south, or central New Jersey, (yes it exists), you’ll be able to get to at least one of these shops this summer.

Some stops on the list are classics and some are newer to the game, but either way, this list covers the hot spots you'll want to try out this summer.

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