With the news flooded with positive case statistics, death tolls and international closings and shutdowns, there is certainly a need for some good news.

The coronavirus spread has created a lot of fear and uncertainty but has also brought out the good in many situations. NJ.com has been diligently covering the COVID-19 outbreak but has also started the #TogetherNJ initiative to highlight upbeat, heroic and happy stories in New Jersey.

One great story was of the owners of a pizzeria in New Jersey, who took out a $50,000 line of credit to continue paying their 20 workers for the next two months. The owners went to the bank when word that Gov. Murphy would close restaurant dining rooms and move to take-out only hit the news.

NJ.com wants to hear from its readers about what great things New Jerseyans have been up to. Suggestions will become stories on a weekly basis, looking to inspire the community with joyful content. There’s even a newsletter that people can join to receive these good tidings.

You can submit your ideas for #TogetherNJ and read some inspiring #TogetherNJ stories here.

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