I'm not going to lie. I am an expert pull-through driver.

For someone who can barely parallel park and is too short to back into a parking spot, pulling through an empty space has become my specialty. Plus, I think we all can agree that it is so much easier to leave a parking space by simply driving forward rather than having to back out. So it's literally like winning the jackpot every time I see two empty spaces conjoined, especially when a parking lot is crowded.

It wasn't until recently that I stopped to think if this was actually legal. There are so many driving laws nowadays so you never know.

Plus, there have been people questioning whether or not pulling through a space is legal in other states.

So that has me wondering..... is it legal in Pennsylvania where I live?

Well good news! Technically it is not illegal in the state of PA to pull through a parking space. This is good news for Pennsylvanians given they don't have a track record for being the best drivers.

Actually, according to NSC, it is safer to leave a parking spot going forward. And AAA says that backing out of a space isn't advised because apparently it leaves pedestrians more at risk to getting hit.

I have heard naysayers say that pulling through should be illegal because it increase head on crash risks. But when have you ever even seen that sort of thing happen?

Bottom line is it isn't illegal. So keep pulling through guilt free, okay?

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