New York City officials announced plans earlier today to essentially require that all persons gathering indoors show proof of vaccination against the COVID-19.

This includes indoor dining, gyms, shows and more. The mandate goes into effect on August 16, with enforcement beginning on September 13 to coincide with the return to school.

So will Philadelphia follow suit?

NBC 10's Lauren Mayk was the first to ask Philadelphia's acting health commissioner Dr. Cheryl Bettigole about that during a Tuesday morning press conference about the virus.

Bettigole says that the city of Philadelphia is not considering such mandate at this time.

"It's not top if mind (to start such a mandate)," Bettigole said during the briefing. "Philadelphia has not been actively discussing that on a city level."

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Bettigole, who strongly encouraged all eligible Philadelphians to get vaccinated, says the situation regarding any future restrictions is "very fluid."

Will Masks Be Mandated In the City?

As for mask requirements in public places, will that happen in Philadelphia? That may be more likely.

The city is currently recommending that masks be worn when indoors or in a crowded space — regardless of vaccination status against the COVID-19 virus.

That recommendation currently stops short of requiring that masks be worn in public. But will that change?

Dr. Bettigole says that isn't the plan at this time.

However, she "wouldn't rule it out though" as she cautioned that there are lots of things they're discussing to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 virus in the city.

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