Never thought this would be something we have to worry about. But apparently, people are stealing side mirrors off of cars in the Philadelphia area. When I first saw this being talked about in the blogs, I thought it was a joke. I thought maybe a few people ripped off their own mirrors just to have a viral moment. But I was wrong. Yesterday I actually saw a car driving around without a side mirror!

There has been a lot of theft in Philly recently. Everyone knows that the crime rate has been abnormally high this year. Violence, shootings, drugs, robbery, and theft-related crimes are reported every single day. According to WHYY, as of November 21, the city of Brotherly Love was approaching 500 murders. And a lot of them involved some type of theft.

We already have to worry about our money and belongings being stolen, but now we have to guard our car mirrors? I don't know how it's possible to cut off a mirror, but it's been done. Check out this video a Philly resident uploaded about his situation.

People have been responding in the comments that this same situation has been happening to them on their block.

"My sh*t was off tooo and a lot of others on my block smh who gettin my bitch fixed is the question," one Instagram user stated.

Now there is a good chance that another car could have swiped these cars and taken their mirrors off in the process. Hit and runs are very common in Philly, and there have been incidents where garbage trucks accidentally knock off a couple.

Have you encountered the mirror bandit?

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