If you're heading home from work this afternoon, take it easy. As one WPST listener texted in this afternoon, "It's a nightmare across Mercer and Bucks counties (on the roads)."

Our sister station (New Jersey 101.5) has been taking calls from listeners across the state who say tonight's commute was one of the worst in their lifetime.

Seriously. They were saying it was the WORST commute in their lifetime.

We saw reports of cars breaking down because motorists were running out of gas from having been stuck on the highway. One of our coworkers just told us it took him 3.5 hours to get to our station in Princeton from Bensalem.

Essentially every road in our area is reporting gridlock at this hour. Here's some of the worst traffic we've seen reported.

Here's a look at the latest traffic conditions (as of 5 pm Thursday): 
- I-295 Southbound between Exit 40 (route 38) and exit 29 (Us-30) is reporting "jammed conditions" that'll take over a half hour.

- Route 1 in both Bucks and Mercer Counties is reporting delays of at least 30 minutes.

- Traffic is jammed (both sides) near the Scudder Falls Bridge between 295 & 95.

- The Pennsylvania Turnpike in Quakertown is reporting bad traffic between #44 and #31. That backup is at least 40 minutes right now.

- There's a 45 mile-per-hour speed restriction on the Pennsylvania Turnpike between exit 359 and exit 326.

- There's a 25 mph Speed restriction across the Burlington Bristol Bridge and the Tacony Palmyra Bridge.

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