We've all heard of weird laws that still exist.  In fact, goodhousekeeping.com has a list called "50 of the Craziest State Laws" that you can read here.

Most of the laws on that list are odd, but for the most part, harmless.  That's not the case with a law in Pennsylvania that is, thankfully, about to be changed.

According to pennlive.com, the Pennsylvania State Senate just passed a bill that would make 18 the legal age to get married in the state.

Pennlive.com says that, "Currently, state law allows those under those under 16 to marry if a judge thinks it’s in the marriage license applicants’ best interest and with parental consent. Those who are 16 and 17 can get a marriage license with parental consent or with the signature of two adult witnesses acknowledged before an officer authorized by law."

Crazy...right?  Thankfully, the bill that will make the legal age to marry 18 now just needs to be signed by Governor Tom Wolf, who pennlive.com says has already agreed to do that as soon as the bill reaches him.


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