A Nevada man will be able to continue his quest to tell passing out-of-state drivers where they should go.

According to a report from KOLO in Reno, Nevada, Adam Steelmon had spent nearly two decades with the license plate "GOBK2CA" (Go Back To California) on his truck.

Letter From The Nevada DMV

Steelmon told the TV station that his plate went "viral" thanks to a photo posted on Facebook. Then, he got a surprise in his mailbox.

"I get a letter from the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) saying we don't feel like your license plate is appropriate and here's a letter saying we're recalling them," Steelmon recounted for reporters.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reached out to the Nevada DMV last month regarding the Steelmon's plate. The newspaper was told the "plate involves making a defamatory reference to a person or group."

"In this case, the defamed group is Californias," read the DMV's response published by the Review-Journal

Understandably, this did not sit well with Steelmon who says he'd never had an issue with anyone complaining about the plate prior to the viral Facebook post.

Appealing The License Plate Decision

Steelmon filed an appeal with the Nevada DMV.

According to the KOLO report, a DMV administrative judge has ruled in favor of Steelmon keeping the license plate.

"While the judge said nothing about disagreeing with the DMV committee's assessment that the plate was defamatory, racist, or in poor taste, he said Steelmon can keep it as he is grandfathered in, having had the license plate for 19 years," KOLO reported.

KOLO was quick to note that Steelmon would lose the plate forever if there was ever a lapse in payment.

"Local law enforcement have pulled me over to tell me they liked my license plate," Steelmon told a KOLO reporter. "Texas has pulled me over. In 20 years, I've had one person say 'well, I don't think your license plates are very appropriate.'"

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