It was quite a sight near a busy shopping center in Montgomery County, Pa. early Wednesday afternoon. Water was seen spewing into the sky several stories high in the busy area around 1:15 p.m.

You can see some of the videos here:

Officials tell the media that it happened behind the Best Buy and Petco stores off Metroplex Blvd — that's the Metroplex Shopping Center — in Plymouth Meeting, Pa. Around 1:15 p.m on Thursday (April 25).

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It all started when a tractor-trailer struck a fire hydrant in the area. Television footage from the area showed the shocking footage. In fact, 6 ABC reports that the water shot more than 25 feet in the area.

The water shot into the sky for about 15 minutes, NBC Philadelphia reports. Then the water appeared to be shut off shortly after in the area as crews worked to clean the scene, they say.

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Officials with the water supplier Aqua America told the media that service in the area was not affected.

“This is a privately-owned hydrant, but Aqua does provide water through an 8-inch service line which feeds the hydrant,” they told the media. “Our crews quickly shut off the valve, eliminating the stream of water," Aqua added. "There was no impact to the water system. Repairs to the hydrant will need to be made by the owner."

Traffic was slowed in the area at the time of the incident, and we even saw reports that the deluge of water was visible from the nearby highway of I-476, which runs through the area.

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